Trike – Harley Davidson FL

Available for 1987 – Up FLH/FLT Models

Standard Features:

  • High-performance, independent front and rear disc brake systems
  • Champion-designed rear-end – A custom-made differential
  • Powder-coated structural components – Improved durability, longer lasting coating system
  • Reinforced fiberglass body construction – Rugged, durable product that will last longer
  • Extra-large trunk plus over-wheel storage – Increased capacity: two full-face helmets and more
  • OEM tail and signal lights – Preserves classic FLH styling features
  • Aluminum rear end

For Pricing and Details Call: 1.740.450.3970

This Champion FLH trike kit is proof that American workers are still the best at building accessories for a motorcycle born out of American dreams and dedication to quality. Regardless of whether your interest is in cross-country touring, continuing a lifestyle or maintaining long friendships at the local coffee shop, we’re confident a Champion trike will be a good fit for you. Our FLH trike kit is built to the highest standards by craftsmen dedicated to producing a product that will out-perform, out-ride and out-shine all competitors. With performance features like disc brakes, our “Zero-Flex” swing arm and our custom-designed mounting hardware featuring the fastest and cleanest installation available of any trike company, this beauty is certain to keep your dreams alive!

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