VTX 1800


Trike – Honda VTX 1800


Standard Features:

  • Custom-engineered “Zero-Flex” swing arm with Progressive shocks – Improved handling, more confident ride
  • Proprietary lightweight, left-hand drive differential – Other manufacturers mounting similar cruiser-style conversion kits merely turn their standard differential upside down
  • High-performance disc brake system – Safer, more confident ride
  • Powder-coated structural components – More durable, longer-lasting coating system
  • Extra large trunk + over-wheel storage – Increased capacity: three full-face helmets and more

For Pricing and Details Call: 1.740.450.3970

You love your VTX, right? Well, here’s your chance to get many more years and hundreds of more comfortable, confident riding-miles out of it … Champion has responded to your needs and is very proud to announce its latest addition to a fast-growing fleet of increasingly popular trike conversion kits!
Kits for certain models not available. Please contact us for more details.

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