Gold Wing GL 1800 – Monarch II


Trike – Gold Wing GL 1800 – Lehman Monarch II


Standard Features:

  • “No-Lean” Suspension – Cornering stability and steering control are maximized. All three wheels remain firmly intact with the road while cornering
  • Vertical lift trunk door for easy access and out-of-the-way operation, ideal for trailers. Also utilizes original Honda latch and lock mechanism.
  • “Cushion-ride” isolastic rear-end mounting system to minimize headshake and provide a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Superior to traditional fiberglass technology, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) utilizes a closed process to ensure consistent thickness and smooth surfaces inside and out

For Pricing and Details Call: 1.740.450.3970

The Monarch II features a vertical lift trunk door, isolastic cushion ride suspension and dual piston linked braking system. The Monarch II is the perfect balance between performance handling and a luxury ride.

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